Watertight hatches

THORMARINE offers a wide range of hatches, available from simple DIN clip manual hatch to central closed heavy duty hatch, ulllage hatch, swing away hatch, from escape hatch to complex flush or raised deck hatches. Materials used are steel, stainless steel or aluminum. We make hatches easier to open / close by means of spring loaded hinges in stainless steel, gas springs or counter balance weights. Please contact our sales team for possibilities.

Aluminium flush deck hatch
Steel escape hatch with 2 handwheels
Watertight hatch with coaming and handwheel
Steel flush deck hatch with handwheel below
Stainless steel hatch with DIN clips
Varius flush deck hatches (click on pictures to enable more examples).
Aluminium bolted deck hatch with gassprings
Special custom build watertight bulkhead escape hatch
Spring loaded steel hatch with handwheel
Round tank hatch with handwheel
DIN clip steel coaming hatch
Flush round small hatch with handwheel
Manual escape hatch with 2 DIN clips
DNV approved steel deck hatch
Stainless steel tank hatch