Watertight doors

THORMARINE watertight doors are made of steel, aluminum or stainless steel. The Quick Pin central closed locking mechanism is unique and has an operating force of 1:40.
All our doors are supplied including all door hardware such as seals, hinges and locking’s.
We supply single leaf and double leaf doors, with or without removable middle bar section Doors are manually tested before packaging and delivery.

Watertight machineroom door insulated with Marine Fire Batts Insulation.
Various types of container doors.
Container door made with special deep frame.
Full standard steel watertight central closed door with 3 lockings.
Series of double leaf weathertight and watertight doors, made in steel, aluminum or full stainless steel. Click on image to enable more pictures.
Quick acting door with 4 lockings made of steel with special coaming and painted in RAL color.
Series of various doors supplied to offshore patrol vessels.
DIN clip aluminum weathertight doors painted RAL 9010. Dogs are polished stainless steel.
Weathertight central closed door with 110mm insulated bolted cover plate. Insulation use is Rockwool A60 Marine Fire Batts.
Weathertight aluminium door with toggles. These specific doors are in use as toilet doors.
Ready for despatch! We can supply our products crated in a ISTM15 heat treated crate for approved and save transport to any continent.
Special custom build watertight bulkhead door.
Custom build aluminium watertight doors. Tested by Lloyd’s at a water pressure of 3 meter water head.
Inward opening watertight doors.