ThorMarine specials

For Eco heat in the UK Thormarine produced this watertight quick pin door including a frame. The door is located in a building.
For a construction company in Begium Thormarine produced this watertight door including a frame suitable to cast into the concrete construction. The door is capable to withstand 5 meter waterhead. The door is placed in a cycling tunnel below river water level and should protect all equipment behind it.
Together with building and construction company Janssen, Thormarine has provided Pipda Herentals a serie of stainless steel hatches and doors. Pipda provides for more than 1,2 million households drinking water. The doors and hatches are build in a new Drinkwater basin.
Upon special request we build some specials per year, limited to fix within our production and engineering capacities. Specials we make are i.e. shell doors, lifting platforms and other special products.
Steel pontoon build for Maritiem museum Rotterdam.