THORMARINE offers a wide range of manholes and handholes all available from stock. All manholes are according DIN standards. Our manholes are supplied including bolts, nuts and seal. Manhole covers and handholes are standard primed with Sigmaweld MC weld primer.
Please check below drawings for technical information. Because of our huge stock we are able to supply within a view days within nearly every part of the world.

Our manholes and hand holes are available in steel and aluminium. On request we supply stainless steel. All mentioned manholes are just a view from the overall range, please contact our sales department for more info. All covers are supplied including rubber seal and bolts or nuts. The covers and rings are shot blasted SA 2.5 and primed with 1 layer Sigmaweld MC welding primer. Aluminium covers are not treated. Most of our covers are on stock and ready for shipment all over the world.

Steel manhole covers

Aluminium manhole covers

Manhole with centre bolt

Manhole with centre bolt, clear opening 470mm, outside flange diameter 560mm.

  • 52.AL.524.01 handhole Ø 250 – 6b
  • 52.AL.524.02 handhole Ø 350 – 8b
  • 52.AL.524.03 manhole Ø 460 – 12b
  • 52.AL.524.04 manhole type C – 12b Ø 560/470
  • 52.AL.524.07 manhole type D – 12b Ø 560/470 (special, see similar steel version 51.ST.513.06)
  • 52.AL.524.05 manhole type B – 16b (special, see similar steel version 51.ST.512.02 but with 16 bolt holes)
  • 52.AL.524.06 manhole type A oval (special, see similar steel version 51.ST.511.03)

Stainless steel manhole covers