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Piriou shipyard

Double leaf watertight door supplied to Piriou Shipyard. We have designed, build and tested these watertight double leaf doors at a pressure of 0,2 bar. Testing went successful and Bureau Veritas certified these doors accordingly. Thormarine is specialized in these aluminum, steel or stainless steel doors Piriou shipyard was last modified: February 6th, 2018 by …Read more

HG Construction

Attenuation tank door made for HG Contruction London. The project on 1 Phipp Street London is to prevent any water in worst case scenario into spaces behind the tank. Hatch is bolted to concrete and sealed with Innotec.HG Construction was last modified: February 6th, 2018 by nick

Pipda Herentals

Together with building and construction company Janssen, Thormarine has provided Pipda Herentals a serie of stainless steel hatches and doors. Pipda provides for more than 1,2 million households drinking water. The doors and hatches are build in a new Drinkwater basin.Pipda Herentals was last modified: June 7th, 2017 by nick

MT Mechatronics and Max Planck Institute to collaborate on the large-scale radio telescope project SKA

MT Mechatronics GmbH and Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy signed an agreement to build an antenna for the radio telescope project SKA (Square Kilometre Array). The plan is to build the world’s largest and most powerful radio telescope in South Africa’s Karoo Desert and the Western Australian Murchison region by 2023, with an antenna …Read more

Project pontoon Antigoon

For this project Thormarine delivered the watertight doors, A60 fire doors, windows and portholes. The pontoon measures 30 metres and a width of 11.20 meters. The total weight of the pontoon is about 230T. The crane will lift more than 200T. Working area will mainly be in and around Antwerp.Project pontoon Antigoon was last modified: …Read more

Doors for SRF Friesland

Thormarine has provided watertight and A60 doors for trawler WR289 build by SRF Doors for SRF Friesland was last modified: January 17th, 2017 by nick

Eversendai offshore

UAE’s Eversendai Offshore RMC FZE, has been awarded contracts for the construction of 2 GustoMSC NG-2500X liftboats at a combined value of RM580 million ($180 million) from Vahana Offshore (S) Pte. Ltd. THORMARINE supplies in cooperation with the design and engineering department of Eversendai, in close cooperation with DNV all hatches on board of both …Read more